The Weekly Gardener 1



Rolling into Fall


Today was very dark. The sky released one of those downpours one usually expects in the middle of the summer, complete with thunder and powerful rapping on the roof. The garden isn't ready to roll into fall just yet.

The recent rains encouraged everything out of the slow-down that naturally happens at the end of summer: the grass is green and lush again and the perennial herbs, already dormant after bloom, came back for a second round.

For example, let's take this borage in the picture. Can you believe this mighty plant started from one seed that got stuck on the bottom of the packet the year before and which I decided to plant on a whim?

It is a good thing that one cucumber flavored plant made it through this summer, since the cucumbers themselves did not produce one single fruit.

It's been a weird growing season in the vegetable garden, very productive and very wasteful at the same time. As usual, the plants sped up fruit production just when the weather started cooling, but there is a lot more fuss than results.

Gardening years will be what they will be, no matter what you do, and I reached the wisdom to accept that.




September arrived, bringing with it warm sunny days with blue cloudless skies, followed by cool cloudy days with thunderous rains. The garden is beautiful, happy to display the flowers of fall. Generous plumes of goldenrod and overflowing bunches of blushing sedum fill the voids left behind by the retiring summer flowers.

I can't get used to how dark it is today, it feels like someone dropped a huge weight on top of the sky and pressed it down to the ground. Even after hours of rain the weight of the clouds didn't lift, they're still bearing down on the horizon, waiting for another round.

I went to the plant nursery in search of the usual fall plantings, but it's still to early for bulbs, and I don't think I can fit another perennial anywhere anymore. There were mums everywhere, as one can expect at the beginning of fall, but mums don't fare too well in my garden, so I don't get too many of them, usually.

A little ahead of schedule, the toad lilies are getting ready to bloom, to keep company to the potted tuberoses and the cheerful plumbago.

Pretty much nothing new. Waiting for another month to plant spring bulbs. By the way, fall catalogs are here, just saying.