Cool Whites


White flower

I can't tell you what a treat this is for me! I've been trying to grow this plant for years but for some reason it didn't like my garden at all.

I am very fond of chamomile, it brings back cherished memories of walking with my grandfather through wildflower meadows.



This was a pretty white flower yesterday and today it looks full term. Now the legends and superstitions around this plant start to make a little more sense.

It is hard to describe the freedom of the wide open fields where you can see all the way to the horizon, where you can feel the sun in your face and where the wind moves tiny flowers in patterns and waves of color changes, rendering the surroundings almost liquid.

Chamomile in the wild bears almost no resemblance to the tame and compact garden variety. It grows tall on strong sappy stems, reaching all the way up to your waist, and you have to swim your way through it, stirring its unique spicy scent. It unfolds in endless blankets of fragrant white flowers that make the whole world smell of chamomile.

Of course the trips had a practical purpose and we always returned home with bags of harvested flowers, but how does that alter the enchanting memory? Our world is a marvelous, very special place and every now and then we are privileged to witness its wonders.


Exotic fragrance


Tuberose oil is a staple scent for perfumery, obtained through chemical extraction by means of concretes and absolutes, and it is one of the most expensive natural fragrances available to perfumers.

Because of the flower's patrician demeanor and its expensive essence I always thought the tuberose was one of those sophisticated plants that require extraneous amounts of care and pampering, but no, they are sturdy and gritty and like most summer bulbs they need virtually no care.

Tuberoses are of course frost tender and will not survive winters in areas above zone eight, but if you plant them in containers and bring them indoors during the cold season they will increase and bloom more from year to year, just like their outdoor counterparts would.

The tuberose fragrance is so strong that it has sedative effects in large quantities and thus it is recommended to remove the cut flowers from areas where people sleep. It can cause headaches in excess, even in people who love it. Its heavy fragrance can overwhelm you over a long period of time, so if you like its perfume use it sparingly, a little goes a long way.

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